Wrong is Right


 Once upon a time, I was an atheist. Then I met my local priest!
I told my priest: “There is no god”. He asked me: “No god? What are your credentials? Have you got a degree in theology to say so? Do you understand Latin?” And all my answers were NO!
Then he started educating me. He told me, as I have no degrees and as I don’t understand Latin, I should listen to those people who know. He told me I’m supposed only to listen and never question their authority. I am told, if I don’t understand something or if I find something as nonsense, just take their word for it. Then he started telling me how all these began…
In the beginning, there was nothing. There was no space (which I was thinking, is our conceptualization of nothing), no matter, no time. There was only this fellow called G_d. This fellow is eternal, has no beginning or end. He suddenly found everything boring. He took his magic wand and waved. He acted on nothing but suddenly there appeared out of nowhere time, space and matter. As he is outside time and space he can never be fond of our universe. He is omnipresent but mysteriously is absent and present in our universe at the same time.
In the course of time, god created all animals and humans from earth. As he found them wanting in his requirements, he killed almost everything with a giant flood except for a few perfect specimens from each species. Later, as he found even them imperfect, he came to earth in human form, to get killed himself, to save humans from himself. After that, he let dead people act as mediators between himself and humans. My priest said all these are thoroughly investigated and the church itself nominate all these ‘saints’ (well, I was under the impression that humans go to heaven only after death. If church investigated and verified then……)
Then when the time passed enough, when he gets an adequate number of people to fill in a place called heaven, that this person can praise him eternally, he will appear to annihilate everything. Only a selected few, who obeyed and believed without question, will be selected for eternal life. And the rest will be eternally damned, but he is a man of justice and he loves everybody, more than a mother loves her infant. He said only faith will reveal all these!!
Oh! I was thoroughly convinced……..till I met my mathematical physics professor.
He told me all these are utter bullshit. He said it is all wrong. Then he expounded in detail how it all happened. Initially, there was nothing. No space or time or matter. Then there was a Bang(I think it is the 'nothing' that banged). Everything appeared; space, time, energy, mass, and matter, all together had the shape of a 4D object (whatever that is, I cannot imagine anything more than three dimensions, yet I take their word for it). Then as everything was expanding, there appeared to matter in pairs(matter and anti-matter). They started to appear and disappear at their will. Then there was something called radiation and light which changed from a wave (without a medium) when alone, to the particle when somebody observed (maybe it felt shy, I don’t know). Then he said things have something called energy and mass which they transfer at will. He told me objects attract because they throw little stone-like particles at each other (great wisdom, I didn’t know that when I threw stones at a dog that came to bite me, but fortunate me, the dog didn’t get attracted). When this mass becomes too unbearable the stars will collapse to form a black hole which has too much mass, which it will send out as energy. It also attracts everything going near it, though it is ‘0’ D and makes everything vanishes(I thought magicians existed only on earth!). It also bends light and dilates time. He also told me at the end of time, everything becomes or consumed by a black hole and will be annihilated. Everything that came from nothing goes back to nothing. In between all matter will continue to exchange energy(maybe like currency) in packets.
He also told me, to understand all these, I should study maths. He also told me, even if it doesn’t make sense, it is true, as it is all predicted by maths and attested by Einstein and Hawkings and a great many people with degrees. He told me I should not question authorities and should never ask questions. He told me it is not religion, but science, hence to have faith!
Now I know love, justice, time, mass, energy all exist and interact with each other. Now I know thoughts bend, time dilate and mass constrict.Now I know there are shapeless objects, dimensional objects, and multidimensional objects. Now I know concepts suddenly get length width and height and become something. I know all these 'exist', even though I can't visualize any of it. Now I know objects can self-create itself and may commit suicide. Maybe in the future, I may meet love and justice and may be able to ask them some questions!!
God is great, Bang is greater!!
Em? Now I'm waiting for the next fellow to come and re-word it, that I can finally "believe" something!! Also, I want to find who is the greatest!!

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