Sun rises in the east. Sure?

Sun rises in the east. Sure?

Think again.

Where the sun rises we call that east.

Then why the universal truth is the sun rises in the east?

Because the center of the universe is not the sun(no not any galaxies either, nor a black hole), not even earth.

The center of our universe is "I". don't read it "YOU". I mean the one who read this. for me it is I, for you, it is your "I", that is why it is always "I" think, "I" believe, in "my opinion and so on

Anything that cater or entertain that we like if not we reject.

That is why we do things - it amuses "me" or gives "me" importance or, at least, the feeling “I" do. (no I didn't say that. It was said by Dale Carnegie)

Now think about it. I am special, the whole world is for me and after me is deluge (yes, some carry it that forward). (Not an accusation as this is the way we human beings work)

Now think what religions are doing.

The god created everything just like that, all worlds, and all animals from nothing. Then he came down to specially create humans, and humans are different from all animals that are we are special. The Almighty has a special place for us in his heart.

So when somebody says there is no god all that is gone. We will be forced to accept that there is no special place for us, nor nobody is there to take care of us. We are not special and just like any other animals only a species on this earth!!

The emptiness that comes with it!!

The emotional burden!!

We are forced to take responsibility for all the actions, nobody is there to give any guidance nor there anybody to reward us. The harsh realities and the injustice of this world oppress us. The thought of reward, if not in this life, then in the next life, all gone.

What are we to do?

Can we take responsibilities for our life?

Are we able to leave the crutches we used all along, can we let go of it and continue like that?

For most people no, that is why there is still a god, that is why people take refuge in religion when confronted with problems. It is not reason but emotions that guide human beings. It is emotions that are unbearable, not reason.

Can that be good?

Yes, sometimes.

For it is emotions that drive people. People do great things not because of reasoning but by emotions. That is why so many people were able to climb the Himalayas once it was conquered by somebody and not before it.

But emotions are also the causes of great wars and discordance and persecutions.

It is our emotion and consequent ego that prevents us from trying to understand others or see others viewpoint.

So emotion is like a car. The driver should be the reason. If there is no driver the car is going to crash killing the occupants and nearby innocent bystanders.

Is there any god?

Is it reasonable to say there is a god?

No there is no reason to say there is a god and rationally we can never explain the existence (exist - as something with a physical presence and location) of god.

Just like the sun rising in the east we take the easiest route. We don't think especially if the arguments are convoluted. It is the nervous system that takes up the most energy in any animal and that is why most animals have less brain. It is also the reason why an accomplished predator like the lion the hunting factor is hard wired with the minimal amount of neurons. lions don't think when they hunt, they just follow a set pattern (mostly). Similarly, we will avoid thinking if possible as thinking uses up energy. Most of our routines are done with our primitive brain (or the reflexive brain - parts that include the basal ganglia), not with the reflective brain (or reflective brain - including the cerebrum). The primitive brain does all the routine works and rarely is it sent to the reflective brain. The primitive brain works on the principle of reward and punishment while the reflective work is analysis. In any human, the predominant is our primitive brain as it is the most helpful in avoiding danger and seeking rewards (like foods and sex). Analytical brain when cannot handle things again it is sent back to the primitive brain. The cerebrum is bigger and uses up more energy compared to primitive brain. The reason is the function of the analytical brain while emotion is that of the primitive brain. That explains why it is very difficult to override emotions and most of us go with emotions than reason.

Can you believe in God?

Then can you believe me? You won't believe me, whom you have not seen or known. God when not existing is an imaginary being that occurs only in your imagination?

So the answer is if you can believe in your imagination you may as well believe the god that imagination creates. For it is imagination that creates dreams and stories and fairies. That will be just as good a guide as a good story will be and no more.

So ultimately it comes to that we are alone here with our reason. We can't leave the decisions to an imaginary sky daddy and at the same time be responsible (to ourselves).

It is us who decide the good and bad in our life and whatever reward we are going to get is only due to our action.

Disagree, then do some criminal activity and tell the jury your friend made you do it!!

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