I AM GOD, the Almighty.


"I am GOD", the almighty.
"je suis dieu"
"yo soy dios"
"anal haq"
"Aham brahmasmi"

Yes, you read it right, that is why I wrote it twice.

I am, but not the one you think I am. So let me restate,

I am the God, the supreme and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING.

I have not communicated with any human so far, and I do not intend to do it again, and this is my first and last communication, so read it well.

You have some misconceived ideas about me, so let me correct it first.

What is my name? You are going to say, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, Krishna...

No, you are all wrong, I have no name. I have no parent to name me and I am "I".

I am not alpha or omega, nor I the beginning nor end.

Whatever is said about me, in your bible and Quran, are wrong. I am not a bloodthirsty hound as described in Torah, Tanakh, Quran or whatever. Neither am I, the docile, slavish, puerile one described in Christians' testaments. I am not a silly human to get offended by humans. Neither I need theatrics, nor kill myself if I need to forgive. I am not three in one nor one in three, I have no spirit nor son. I have no body nor mind nor soul. The universe is my body and I am the whole. In fact, I am not concerned about you humans at all, the little creatures living on a pebble you call earth, who think you can control everything.

Hear it once more, I am not cruel or wrathful. Neither am I jealous or selfish. I am not love nor pity. Nor am I justice. In fact, I have nothing to do with, what you call emotions, for I am the supreme. None of you resemble me though you want to think that you are special and made in my image. But I have no image nor I create. No one is special to me and I am impartial. The stars and satellites are same to me. A virus and human, the same. I look at the whole universe and its inhabitants like you look at your own body. Do you love your right hand more than the left?

Is there anything call devil or satan? No, what do you think of me? If I can create the 'angels' and 'demons' with a word, I can destroy them with a word, so how can you think any being, yes, any being, stand against my will?

But why should I create any angels? Why should I?

You believe in me?? I have never spoken a word, then how do you "believe" me? I have no need to speak to you, the intelligent of you took you for a ride and you went along. They made a living and you called them 'gods chosen people' and 'my priests' when the fact is I do not need your offerings nor 'beliefs'. I do not need your sacrifices nor your love. I do not care where you kneel or stand or fold your hands. I do not hear your prayers nor answer your prayers.

I am not like a human king who rules a kingdom with his court, to take and grand. I am not a human, to want to rule. I don't want either praise nor prayer.I neither create nor destroy, I let things be.

I don't give rewards nor I punish. I am neither happy nor sad. You are neither pleasing to me nor repulsive. You are just another 'thing' in this large universe.

So neither did I create heaven nor hell. Your arrogance in supposing I consider you as equal, well in your language, is nauseating, but I don't consider that again, for I am free of any emotions.

I am the complete one, I lack nothing, to need anything.

So let me tell you once more,

Everything just is.

There is no past nor future, no beginning nor end.

I am who I am.

And here I have given you the wisdom, do as you choose.

Your reward and punishment are here only, and I have no part in it, nor I care, so choose wisely.

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